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The Heat of the Desert Wind

(Due to be released in 2017)

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CURRENTLY AVAILABLE:  THE SEVEN TURNS TRILOGY                                              

 When fifteen-year-old Diamanté Loupré leaves home in 1939, he thinks his biggest battle is behind him—but, swept into the ever-darkening shadows of the French Résistance, he quickly realizes that courage and endurance are the lifeblood of existence.

As Darker Grow the Shadows, a Novel of the French Résistance (2014) by is the latest book in the award-winning Seven Turns Trilogy.

The story begins as France is bracing for war. Diamanté leaves his native Corsica to join his brother Ferdinand in Marseilles. The two are soon drawn into the clandestine activities of the Résistance.

From the wine cellars of Normandy to the battlefields of Alsace, this is the story of the remarkable spirit of a young man coming of age amid the agony of war. The book is rich with scenes of Paris under the Nazi occupation, romance in the face of danger, and the enduring hope of the indomitable French people who were determined to survive and free their battered-but-not-beaten country from tyranny.

The richly-layered drama received Honorable Mention at the 2014 London Book Festival and was a Finalist in Historical Fiction in the 2015 IAN (Independent Author Network) Book of the Year Awards.

The first novel in the trilogy, The Seven Turns of the Snail’s Shell (2009), is a romantic suspense adventure that takes place primarily in Paris in the late 1990s. It won awards at the 2010 Paris Book Festival and the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival.

The Blue Amulet (2012), a love story with an intriguing thriller twist and the second novel in the trilogy, is set against the scintillating Mediterranean landscape of southern France. It placed Runner-Up at the 2013 Los Angeles Book Festival.

All three novels are stand-alone stories linked by the character Diamanté and set in the author’s beloved France.


From an editorial review of As Darker Grow the Shadows:

I loved this book! As Darker Grow the Shadows is truly original in its depiction of the French Resistance—its love stories, its battle scenes, its characters, and its settings never veer into the melodramatic, overdone, or derivative. The characters feel very real—conflicted, damaged, imperfect, and yet they soldier on.”

Reader reviews:

“This is Mj Roe’s best work yet. The time period suits her writing well and there’s an increased focus on maintaining suspense throughout. Nicely done. “

“Wonderful book – I could not put it down so read in record time! Loved the two preceding books written by MJ Roe as well!”

“An easy to read story exciting believable about the resistance drawing in the twists of a family’s feud very enjoyable.”

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*The novels may be enjoyed in any order you wish as they are stand-alone stories linked by intriguing characters and set in the author’s beloved France.

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